Thursday, May 12, 2016


The Chief of the City Police, Abraham Kanime, says victims of crime who have footage from private closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras could approach their office for police experts to view the footage and see if they have any information of the suspects on their database.
City Police have CCTV footage expertise
Last week New Era reported a case of a group of Chinese expatriates who suffered three breaks-ins in one week, at their home in Ludwigsdorf. The break-ins took place on August 9, 11 and 13 and reportedly involved the same gang of burglars – going by the footage captured of all three break-ins. The house that was targeted has CCTV cameras and there is video footage of all three incidents. In the footage the robbers can be seen carrying valuables and holding sharp objects in their hands.
During the last attack on August 13, the robbers increased to nine men, and armed with knives and sticks, stole a laptop, Ipad, cellphone and the keys of an Audi sedan. They also took cash of N$40 000, which included Namibian and Chinese currency.
The City Police have a control room where they monitor their CCTV cameras installed around Windhoek in areas such as major shopping centres, traffic intersections and most of the central business district, among others. There are currently 64 installed CCTV cameras at public places in Windhoek and close to 300 at municipal offices and premises.
“Anyone with footage can come to us and we will view it. We have a huge database of criminals. When a suspect is arrested they are profiled and we keep their files,” said Kanime. “Just call us. We will be able to help.”
He said if a crime was committed a case has to be opened and they will look for the suspect. He added that the police also take note when a suspect tried to commit a crime but failed. He called upon those who have businesses in industrial areas to buy cameras instead of guns.
He said a business could buy the required camera of police specifications, which will be installed and linked to the City Police control room. “It will really help,” said Kanime.

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